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When a pair of cowboy boots appears on her porch Thanksgiving Eve, Mary Beth Evans finds her holiday season takes a mysterious turn. When men start showing up asking for the boots, she refuses, wanting to meet the cowboy who belongs to them face to face.

A short, sweet holiday romance.

With each day at Aunt Pippa’s compound, sixteen-year-old Finn James breaks further out of the small, confining box society, and her parents, forced her into at a young age. Spending time with the gifted people her aunt had collected helps her connect with her many special and varied skills.

Saving a life brings government agents Donner and Watkins back into her life. When the agents take her mother and Finn from the compound instead of her, Finn is willing to sacrifice herself for them. Finding herself fully embracing all that makes others think she is the Millennial Child, Finn decides it is time to go on the offensive and rescue those dearest to her. At the same time, she has the council of elders put out feelers online to see if there might be others like her.

Are there other with gifts and talents similar to hers out there? Will Finn remain at Pippa’s Texas Compound? Is Finn really the Millennial Child?

14+ due to adult situations

Once upon a time, he said he loved her. But marriage changed everything between them. Nowadays, as long as she does everything he wants, when he wants, and how he wants, there is peace in the house. Only things weren't fine, and it was all her fault. Everything was always all her fault.

Then came the day she decided to make some changes. The day she began a journey. The journey to freedom from the abuse that left no outward scars, but had transformed her from a smart, funny, independent woman into a human doormat.

Would she ever recover the strong, smart, brave self she thought was lost forever? Would she ever find her joy again? Would she be able to survive without him making every decision for her?


Charlotte Finnegan James desperately wants to fit in. Her parents encourage her to act like everyone around her, but Charlotte always feels like an outsider looking in. When men come late one night to “take control” of her, Charlotte knows fitting in will forever be impossible.

After being placed into a military boarding school, a name change is the first step in taking control of her own life. Finn’s differences are evident, no matter how hard she works to appear normal. Finding a sympathetic soul in Taber McCoy helps Finn execute her plan to escape the school.

Can she continue to hide her true self from the world? Will she find sanctuary with her aunt? Can she and Taber stay ahead of the men in black following them on their race across the country?

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